A New Low

June 18, 2011 at 12:48 AM (Asexuality, Haters) (, , )

For both certain individuals in this debate, and this blog (which tries to stay classy and intellectual), but I can’t resist. I’m only human; forgive me. Besides, you should all know what we’re up against, right?

This post is a response to Christina of polisci-prelaw, who is asexual and formerly heteroromantic, asking yet again to not be called straight. Here is an excerpt:

You do know that queer people created the term “straight,” right? When the general consensus is that hetero attraction makes you straight (and I guarantee you that society at large doesn’t give a shit who you’re fucking and if you’re fucking them and with what frequency you’re fucking them as long as your public performance is socially palatable—-in this case, that you are involved or would strictly consider becoming involved with a man) you do not have the right to contest that as a straight woman.

That’s right! Not only do LGB sexuals have sole ownership over the term queer, they also own “straight.” While I’m sure many of you could write essays on the many problems in that quoted paragraph alone, let me save you the trouble and summarize the inevitable response you’d get:

Sit down, shut up, and do what we say.

There. I saved you thousands of words of collective posts.

No, no. No need to thank me.


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